Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Asylum Artists' Antics

One of our founding artists, Cherie Hacker is a busy woman these days. Not only is one of her paintings visible on the upper right hand side of the new issue of Midtown Monthly Magazine (see detail above), but she's one of of the artists included in the Artists' Studio Tour coming up Sept 27th and 28th. Ann Tracy is also on the tour and will be showcasing her new studio digs out behind her house. If it's hot, bring your swimsuit for a dip in the pool!

  • Cherie's work won't just be seen in September here in Sacca-tomatoes, she's got work at the Altered Esthetics Gallery in Minnesota for a show called " Animals II Critical Habitat". Check out the website - alteredesthetics.org. She's also got some work being exhibited at Gallery Gora in Montreal, Canada ! You'll find their website here: gallerygora.com

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